Sew Delicious Swatch Club


Welcome to our Sew Delicious Swatch Club! 

We know all too well the foibles of online shopping. It can be difficult to accurately portray colours on a screen and we know that many of our customers like to feel the weight and texture of a fabric before making their final decision. With the idea of the capsule wardrobe becoming ever-more popular, we wanted to create a collection of wardrobe basics that could become a source of inspiration for the modern seamstress,

Join Us:

As a Swatch Club member, you will receive a beautifully packaged box of our samples to browse and stroke in the comfort of your own home, complemented with four quarterly updates that are comprised of season-suitable limited prints. 

We Personalise: 

One of the beauties of a me-made wardrobe is the freedom to design your own clothes, in styles which make you look and feel great . Our aim is to provide fabrics for those projects in colours which complement your skin tone, creating a curated look based on the theory of colour analysis. 

What is Colour Analysis?:

A system devised to incorporate the principles of colour science to enhance your natural beauty by analysing your skin, eye and hair colour and characterising your colour season

There are three major components to compare in colour science:

Temperature or hue considers whether the colour is 'warm' or cool. All primary and secondary colours have an undertone, so blue can actually be either warm or cool. 

Value identifies the intensity or depth of a colour. Pastel colours are referred to as tints and colours containing black are called shades.

Chroma is an evaluation of a colour's saturation, or how much grey it contains. The more grey that a colour contains, the more muted or soft it appears. 


Which Season are you ?

Spring: A pale warm complexion enhanced by youthful and bright colours, comprised of tints and virtually no dark shades. 

Summer:  A cool undertone complexion, typically with light eyes and ash blonde or brown hair, enhanced by cool tints and soft muted tones. 

Autumn: A natural warm undertone, often accompanied with green eyes and red highlights, complemented by rich earthly tones soft muted tones.

Winter: Typical features include dark hair, dark eyes and a cool complexion. Winters are complemented by cool, clear, dark colours. Winter is the only season that looks great in black and high contrast colours such as neon and intense primary colours.

Our Fabrics:

Our Sew Delicious swatch club fabrics form a stunning range of wardrobe staples,  curated into four seasons according to the principles of colour analysis. We have chosen excellent quality knit or woven fabrics, composed from predominately natural fibres to suit all your me-made clothing needs. 

How it works

On joining our annual Swatch Club you will receive

  • Swatches of our Sew Delicious wardrobe staple fabrics, selected to complement your colour analysis.
  • Quarterly updates during the year of seasonal prints.
  • Member exclusive offers and promotions.
  • Plus 10% off the Sew Delicious Swatch Club Fabrics you receive.