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Lise Tailor

A word from Lise

Lise Tailor Company wouldn’t exist without the precious and creative community who faithfully follows my journey from the blog’s launch to the publishing of my books. Everything started with a mutual love for sewing and knitting, in one word, creation. It is actually the passion for craft activities-sharing that I place above all. That is why I create fabrics I love to sew and wear myself only. Therefore, I have built my job to make it sewing and knitting friendly, just for pleasure. When I have spare-time, I still take out my sewing machine and my knitting needles.

The tie with the customers is essential. We are part of a solid, loyal and solidary community. My goal is that none of its member would be disappointed. Arriving at work each morning, my priority is to answer customers’ e-mails, deal with the social medias and prepare the orders. This relationship is so strong that it is the key of everything. I don’t like nothing more than seeing seamstresses becoming knitters, and vice versa, thanks to Lise Tailor’s products.

Working out of your passion and building your tailor-made job is a luck but also a challenge that requires energy and determination at all times. From now on, my dearest wish is to see my fabrics joining the great majority of fabric shops in France and in the world, in order to continue to share my passion-job again and again.