Hiroshima Tulip Cellulose Head Pins
Tulip Cellulose Head Thin Pins

Tulip Cellulose Head Thin Pins

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Tulip Cellulose Head Thin Pins 

Having discovered the amazing Tulip needles recently we couldn't live without their pins too.

These precision tempered steel pins , made in the Hiroshima region of Japan are strong yet elastic. With cellulose Tulip heads they are without doubt the Rolls Royce of pins and we can’t praise them highly enough .

Expensive  but so worth it . We promise you won’t regret it.


Cellulose Head Thin

Each unique box contains a test tube of 15 fine pins, great for tacking thin fabrics such as silk, cotton lawn, crepe and lining materials.

Perfect for all those who love textiles.

Size : 0.45 x 48m

Slightly longer than the patchwork and appliqué pins with a large tulip shaped head. Perfect for milinery and fine delicate silk fabrics.