Oak Couture Tailor's Pressing Board Kit
Oak Couture Tailor's Clapper

Tailor's Oak Pressing Kit

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Tailor's Oak Pressing Tools Kit includes

Tailor's Board:

A tailor’s board has twelve uniquely shaped pressing surfaces formed from five perfectly balanced positions. Use it unpadded for crisp edges and sharp points. The board is handcrafted from solid oak. This not only means that the product will never warp, but helps the fabric to retain heat when pressing too.

How to get the best from your board? See the leaflet included with the product.

Seam Clapper:

A tailor's clapper is the ultimate tool for achieving amazingly crisp, flat, pressed seams and creases. Immediately after lifting the iron, place the clapper over the seam and hold it down until the fabric cools.

Both Tailor's Boards and Seam Clappers are handmade in Sussex from English Oak.

A complimentary Pressing Cloth Set completes the kit: Each set comprises of two cloths approx. 50cm x 50cm.

A sheer cloth: perfect for protecting fabrics from become over pressed resulting in shine or scorching.

A lightweight cloth: perfect for protecting both fabrics and irons from sticky residue when applying interfacing.